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  “The Modern Jazz Pilgrims” is a unique band that dips right to the bottom of your heart with its beautiful melodies, sincerity, passion, and love of music. This band unites musicians from different corners of the world, allowing them to bring their distinct cultures and personalities into their music and performance. Whatever images you might have while listening to these melodies, I hope they will evoke a bright emotional response.
Sergei Ioannisyan (band leader, drummer, composer)

Digital CD release of "A Song From My Heart" is coming up on April 15th!
Please, come back to The Modern Jazz Pilgrims web page on April 15th!

Sergei Ioannisyan - drums; Special Guest, Two Grammy Winner, Dave Samuels - vibraphone; Daniel Ian Smith - tenor and soprano sax; Maxim Lubarsky - piano; Annette Philip - vocal; Jesse Williams - bass.

"A Song From My Heart" (S.Ioannisyan)
"My Highest Mountain" (S.Ioannisyan)